Friday, April 18, 2008

Tickled Pink

The weather here in Connecticut couldn't be more beautiful ... dry and in the high 70s.  The children have been off from school and we've been enjoying out time together.

On Tuesday we visited with Auntie.  I've mentioned her here many times, and I think she's my biggest crochet fan.  :)

We went out for lunch, and then, upon her insistence (no! really!), we visited her local AC Moore.  She used to be big on crafts, so I think it was as much of a thrill for her to shop there as it was for me & the children.  I really wasn't prepared to shop for more yarn (remember, I scored big time during my last visit to WEBs!) so I decided to pick out some pink yarns and start working on my contribution to
Prudence Mapstone's "The Pink Project," of which Prudence has a group on Ravelry where everyone is sharing pictures of their contributions & discussing all the good that will come out all of the submissions.  (Photography notes:  I couldn't get the lacy hairpin stitches to show while photographing it laying flat.  So I pinned it to my clothes line, with the sun shining brightly behind the works -- and I like the way it came out.  What you can faintly see, just above the scrumbles, is one of the local lakes that was man-made in 1939-1940. In that time one could purchase two parcels of land for just $95!)

As I worked on some pieces Auntie said, "What's that suspposed to be?  I can't make it out."  So I assembled some of the components and soon it was looking like a "monster truck" (so says Dee Jr. ... can you see it?)  Auntie thought that was pretty clever of me, and she added, "even better that it's for cancer research."  I wish she lived closer because then I could hug her everyday!  

Yesterday I went Pink at the local playground, working on my second piece.  While the children enjoyedplaying with some friends, I happily scrumbled along, enjoying the fresh air, the children's laughter, the kites, birds chirping, and later, upon returning home, the mailman.  The mailman?  Yes!  He delivered the brochure for the Conference, The Knit and Crochet Show, where I'll be teaching at this coming summer.  Seeing my name on the website is one thing, but actually seeing it in PRINT -- next to so many wonderful teachers -- well it was a dream come true, and I couldn't help but feel tickled pink.  :)

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