Saturday, April 12, 2008

Life Lessons

It has been a long week of motherhood.  I love the job, but sometimes I feel that I could really use two of me!  On the bright side of having to be at my son's school (ensuring he didn't injure himself further!), and with tending to Mr. Dee's medical needs, I have learned a few things:

Click onto image for a closer look of the doodles/freeform crochet pieces.1. Daily chores can wait.  What's an extra day's worth of dust anyway?  Use it to doodle new crochet designs.  Besides, it's a way to recycle, keeping our earth green.

2. Crocheting without rhyme or reason is fun.  I managed to finish my "doodles" and am now preparing to ship them out.  However, the poem, "Ten Little Monkeys" should be greatly adhered to!  Just ask Dee Jr. who recently had his stitches removed and is recovering nicely.

3. Mothers and wives are clever!  When your loved one is recovering in a hospital bed and needs their glasses, MP3 player, and cellphone within reach, hang a Treasure Bag off the hospial bed railing using the looped pull string.  Worries of items crashing to the floor will be gone.  (Just ask Mr. Dee)

4. In times of stress & sleep deprivation, it's good to have crochet around.  :)


nelishianatl said...

I just discovered your journal over on Sheila's journal and excitedly came over to meet you.  I'm a crochet addict and have been since I was 7.  My journal is private and it's not a crocheting journal though Shelia and I write back and forth about our projects alot.  It seems I have a lot of catching up to do within your journal.  I've put you on alerts and will be back often.


wipforever said...

Very sorry to hear of the medical problems, Dee.  I'm sure those treasure bags come in handy everywhere!  But yes, especially at a hospital.  Not only are they good for keeping items from tumbling but hospitals are BORING!!!  When you're a kid (or kid at heart), it's worse.    

As for crochet being a good thing to have around in times of sleep depravation and stress - realistically speaking, isn't crochet a good thing to have around at all times????  I mean, really, one never knows when the urge to hook something up might smack them silly!

Hope everyone at the Dee Household is feeling better now.

Love and hugs,