Thursday, April 3, 2008

Catching Up with Shelley

On Tuesday I spent four fantastic hours with Shelley.  Shelley was one of my earliest crochet students back when I was teaching at Knit Together.*  (*Knit Together closed last year.)  She is my "left handed" crocheter who crochets a mile a minute!  She has a fantastic knack for finding yarn shops during her travels in and out of the country! -- just listening to her stories is a real treat! 

So it was, this past Tuesday, that we got together at A Stitch in Time, located in Bethel, Connecticut.  She booked me for a private crochet lesson for learning how to close that gap when working both sides of the crochet chain, various trims, and crochet stitches.  It was wonderful seeing her again.  :)

The wrap and the blanket she is pictured with are of her own designs using the "crazy" stitch, one of her favorites.  Don't they look great?!!  :)   Now that I've turned her on to Solomon's Knots, I'm wondering what she'll create next!  

Note:  The Crazy Stitch has a couple of different names, such as the block stitch, and the diagonal stitch, and thus when searching for it on the Internet one will find different variations of it.  One of the best free "how to's" instructions I've found online is Sandie's over at CrochetCabana.  Warning though, don't fall in love with it, as Shelley has learned, it's quite addictive!

                                 ...Crochet Crochetcabana...Crochetcabana, ahh ahh ahh ahh...


sandiept said...

LOL I think that's BARRY Manilow and that is actually the song I was thinking of when I named Crochet Cabana. My husband and I are Manilow fans. Glad you find the box stitch tutorial helpful. Yes, there are so many names for the stitch! That happens for many stitches and it does make it hard to find them sometimes.
Once again I am wishing I lived close to you, Dee. You always pique my interest - closing the gap when working both sides of the chain. That sounds like a very good lesson.

shelleys38 said...

Thanks again Dee for a wonderful day of crochetting in Bethel .  I enjoyed learning some new stitiches and loved the entry in your blog-pix and all.  In fact my children liked it too and they have all put in orders for some new blankees.    Your left-handed student--Shelley