Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crochet on Display -- at the Bethel Library

I am tickled to announce that my CGOA Chapter's second library crochet display is ready for viewing!  crochet display at the Bethel, CT, libraryOur theme for this display was "tools of the trade," and fortunately my friend Grace owns a ton of them! 

We dedicated one shelf to host most of the antiques ... broomstick lace, hairpin lace forks, Tunisian bone hooks, and so on.  (Grace has such the crochet hook collection!!)  When we were done, we thought the display looked quite impressive, including a mix of antique & modern crocheted items!

When the display was done, I decided to inquire with Priscilla, who works at the Bethel Library, if I had to keep going to my local library to request crochet books -- or, if there was a way I could also borrow books from hers when I'm in the area (as her library totally rocks in the fiber arts department!).

Well, wouldn't you know it?!  Priscilla totally hooked me up -- I can now take books out of ANY Connecticut library I visit!  Want to learn how?  Visit Priscilla's blog here for details.  And I wasted no time putting this new privilege to work!  I came home with three crochet books and one knit.  Knit???  Yes, Knit.  (more details on that later.)  So a BIG thanks goes out to Priscilla for not only hooking me up, but also in sharing how you too can get in on the state-wide borrowing action!  :)

For those interested in seeing the display, it will be available for viewing until the end of April.  For more information about the Bethel Library visit

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