Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Ambassadors of Crochet

Because my children are so involved in my crochet world I decided to bestow upon them the title of "Crochet Ambassadors."  Why? Because when I stop to really think about the future of crochet, it is today's children who will be the ones to ensure this art form, as well as others, will continue on and be passed down to the generations to come.  So, rather than issuing pom poms, as Crochet Ambassadors, I thought it appropriate that they needed specialized crochet hooks to go along with their new title:

For Dee Jr., a handcrafted crochet hook by Wolfenwoods.  It's a size "K," fashioned to look like a baseball bat out of Hickory wood, and adorned with a ceramic baseball & glove at the top.  (For those that follow baseball, you'll realize the significance of the letter "K."  For those that don't follow baseball, the letter "K" means "strike out" -- something Yankee pitcher Mariano Rivera is great at.)

For Mini~Dee, I gave her a Sonshape Bahama Cherrywood Dymondwood crochet hook.  It is adorned with a smooth Sterling Silver bead cap, Aurora Borealis Light Rose Swarovski Crystal, Silver-plated rondelle with aurora borealis Swarovski crystals and an antiqued Sterling Silver bead cap.  It's really pretty when the beads sparkle in the light.   It's a size "I." (This is her second Sonshape crochet hook. Unfortunately Sonshapes is going out of business.)

I purchased both hooks through ebay.

The kids are really excited about the hooks and can't wait to use them during their "Hooks and Needles Club" meetings, and at various crochet demonstrations our local CGOA Chapter will be doing this year.   Of course I can't wait to see what they create with their new hooks!  :)

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wipforever said...

Wow!  Those hooks are beautiful!!!  Not sure which I like the best!

Crochet Ambassadors, eh?  I couldn't think of a better title for them!

Love and hugs