Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fuel to Think About

How much of a coincidence is this? A day shy of two years ago I blogged about some people calling my blog a "Pinto."  Rather than dwell on the negative, I took the comment, applied fiber and wha-la -- I had compiled a list of fabulous projects people created with their rides.  Take a look:

Three weeks later I had found a tank getting into the fiber applique action. (Also in that entry I made mention of an overturned tractor trailer that was hauling some 50,000 POUNDS of yarn!)

The only thing missing from the fiber + automobile equation was a gas station. Jennifer Marsh, seeing the void and wanting people to be able to express their concerns about oil dependency, created the "World Reclamation Art Project," collecting works from crocheters, knitters, and the like from around the world.  In the end, they were able to cover an abandoned gas station, located in Syracuse, NY.  For more information, including pictures, click here.


wipforever said...

What?!?!  Called your blog a "pinto"????  Pshaw!  Pfffffttttttt!  Yours is among the H2 Class!!!  :D

Cool pics of the rides!

Love and hugs,

PS  If yarn could be converted into fuel, would you part with crocheting or the car?

crochetwithdee said...

Is that a trick question, Sheila?  :)

Acrylic yarn made is from petroleum, and was introduced to commercial use by the DuPont company back in the 1950's.  So if yarn were to be made to use a fuel, I'd move over to using 100% natural fibers 100% of the time.  (For more information about the history of acrylic, check out this website: ) said...

Where did you find the picture of the motorcyle? I ride a Harley and I would love to find that picture!

Cathy R., Loveland OH