Sunday, December 31, 2006

Stitches in the Seat

Part of the holiday fun is visiting stores for the "after holiday sales" to utilize those gift certificates from loved ones.  After all, you never know what treasures you'll find as was true for me this week!

There I was, strolling around inside of a local Pier 1 store when I happened upon a furniture arrangement that was totally knitted!   We're not talking pillows, afghans, or
antimascassars -- we're talking "Chahaya" couches, chairs, and tables that were all stitched! Knitted! ... and while my knitting skills are extremely limited (twisted & backwards too) I can't help but wonder "how did they do that!??"  How could I have not known about this??  Had I the room in my home, and the extra funds, I would have instantly purchased it all and started various crochet projects (cushions perhaps?) to compliment the pieces.  (If I were a yarn shop owner, there is no doubt in my mind that I'd add them to the "flavor" of the store!)

This got me to thinking about another fiber chair I've long admired: the crocheted chair by Marcel Wanders, but at $40,000 apiece I know it is way out of my price range (but apparently not out of Beyonce and Jay-Z's!).  As the International Freeform group continues to discuss interesting fiber sculpture (more here, here, and here), and after viewing Ben Wilson's video clip on the chair he crocheted using coarse cotton and simple stitches, perhaps 2007 will be a year I start to experiment with epoxy too; it's worth thinking about, right?

                                               Have a Fiberlicious New Year!!  :)

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