Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Creativity Unleashed by Mini-Dee

My Mom came home today and gave me and my brother each a new pair of gloves.  She then let us dig through another bag filled with a lot more gloves, and let us choose another pair in case we need them.  She hinted that perhaps I should crochet long chains to attach the gloves and run them through our coat sleeves.

So while she was telling you all about the stuff the crochet club will be donating, I was busy crocheting onto my new gloves.  I decided to crochet a cuff on one glove with a few rows of single crochets.  Then I made a long chain and went to the next glove.  I crocheted around for a couple of rows and then ended off.  I like the way they look; so does my Mom.  She said you all might like looking at them too.  It was easy to do.  I got the yarn from my favorite crocheter, Margaret.  Well, my second favorite, because my Mom is my most  favorite.

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Anonymous said...

WTG Mini are such a smart girl! Keep up the good work! ~Christy