Monday, December 11, 2006

Crochet Camaraderie

I awoke yesterday morning feeling much like a child -- a child that had waited what felt like forever for this particular day to come.  I was excited that Doris Chan was going to be my Guest at our local CGOA Chapter.  I was also excited that our member, Margaret Hubert, would be doing a special workshop with us!  And a day full of excitement it was!

The meeting started with Margaret teaching us her "Adjusting Patterns to Fit" workshop -- a workshop she normally reserves for National Events!  She is just an absolute powerhouse of information and inspiration!  Along with teaching this fantastic workshop, she also raffled off items.  My daughter was delighted to be her Class Angel (helper).  One nugget I enjoyed from Margaret was when she told us about something someone had told her:  "Admire your work often to catch errors earlier."  Oh, I like that; that's great advice everyone can use!

Then, while Margaret went around helping members with their measurements, our Club President, Grace, held her own raffle.  She had purchased many goodies from the recent AnniesAttic end-of-year-sale and everyone was delighted with her thoughtfulness.  At the end of Margaret's workshop they sliced into a most delicious cake baked by our member, MaryAnn.   Yum!

By then Doris had arrived from her book signing that was held at A Stitch In Time and the members were eager to greet her.  She brought her samples with her and encouraged members to try them on; she also signed books!  Having enjoyed her on Saturday at KnitTogether, I got to enjoy her presentation even more.   I know the group enjoyed the presentation too!  :)

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