Thursday, December 21, 2006

Holiday Cheer: The New Scarf Pattern is Here!

As promised, and just in the Nick of time, a quick scarf to crochet as a last minute gift -- perhaps for yourself! :)

Dee~lightfully Wavy Scarf
Copyright 2006
Dee Stanziano; for personal/charity use only.

You'll Need
"N" (10mm) hook (I used a Graydog crochet hook; they're available on eBay only)
1 skein of Tahki's
Ritratto (Green): 28% mohair; 53% Rayon; 10% Nylon; 9% Polyester (has a pretty sparkle & haze to it; this fiber will work as a stitch stabilizer.)
2 skeins of Linie 43 Punta (Yellows): 45% Rayon, 45% Nylon; 10% Acrylic (an incredible softness combination of boucle & fur)
Tapestry needle

Skill Level/Time:
The scarf is based upon the single crochet; the edging has some double crochet stitches.  It is the start of the project and the fiber combination that may take some getting used to.  Skill level: Advanced Beginner
Time: Figure 4 hours. This project took me a little over 2 hours from start to finish. The most difficult part of the project for me was naming it. :)

: Holding 1 skein of Ritratto and 1 skein of Punta together:
Create slip knot leaving 8" tail.
Row 1: Using "Foundationless Chain*" (also known as Double Base Chain Stitch as shown on Josi Hannon's site), create 10 stitches.  Place marker on this row for later use.
Row 2: Ch 1, turn, sc across (10 sts)
Repeat Row two 105 times or to near desired length. Place marker on last sc row for later use.

Row 1: Ch 3, turn, work 3 dc in ea st (30 sts)
Row 2: Ch 1, turn, work 2 sc in ea st (60 sts)
End off leaving 12" tail.
Join yarn to beginning edge (where the foundationless chain is) of scarf to the opposite side of beginning tail; follow directions for Edging, leaving 8" tail.

Edging will "fan out." Take corner of each "fan" hold 1" in from scarf edge; using tails, secure to row marked with marker. Repeat on opp end of scarf.  This step is not required, but utilizing it will add to the rippling effect on scarf edges.  See illustration below:

To wear: fold scarf in half, wrap around neck; insert scarf ends through scarf fold as shown in first image.

*Foundationless Chain:
Doris Chan calls it a "base chain single crochet" in her new book. It is a technique also known as the "double chain stitch," and as the "foundation stitch.

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