Thursday, December 7, 2006

Counting Down to Doris ...

I can't believe that in just two days ... two? really? do I count today if it's nearly over? ... ok, let me try again ...

I can't believe that in just 42 hours (isn't that really close to 48 hours? so I guess I could have stated "in just two days" and been nearly correct?) ... that I'll be hanging out with Doris Chan!  I'll first be hooking up with her at the Knit Together store located in Stamford, CT, on Saturday, and then again when she visits my CGOA Chapter on Sunday.  I am totally stoked!

I brought her book with me to yesterday's Coffee, Crochet & Chat session.  It's a time we set aside every month to gather at our local Borders bookstore to oggle over the newest crochet books & magazines on the market, as well as check out projects we're all working on.  Of course I brought Doris' book, "Amazing Crochet Lace", and the project I've yet to wrap for my daughter (see image below).  The girls went wild in pointing at pattern after pattern in Doris' book exclaiming "I want to make that, and that, and that!"  It was good to see I wasn't the only one obsessed with the book at first glance!  (LOL)

In fact, the girls all rushed upstairs to the craft section to start the search for the book.  Did Borders have it?  Well, prior to announcing to my group last week that she would be visiting us, Borders had six copies available.  On Monday they had none.  The girls came back down to the Cafe and declared none were to be had.  So one of the girls, Diana, said, "Dee, let me see your copy."  I handed it to her and off she went.  Time went by and she triumphantly returned with two copies in her hand.

The girls were so excited that she found two copies.  I exclaimed, "Whoever crochets the fastest gets to buy them!" -- of course I was kidding and we did get a chuckle over it.  "How did you find the books, Diana, when we couldn't?"  She's such a clever girl!  "I looked at Dee's copy, noting how the binder looked and found one here (invision animated motions going on where she's pointing), and another waaaaaaaay over there."

There were big grins everywhere, you know, like finding a huge stash of your favorite chocolates... ah, yes, they were tickled with the find and immediately raced up to the register to purchase the two copies.

But the fever doesn't end there.  I spoke with the owner of A Stitch In Time this morning after teaching my "Stitch Social" class.  "Dee," she said, "I've already got calls coming in for people wanting to reserve a copy of Doris' book!" 

"How awesome," I said.  Then, knowing there are people from outside my area that might want an autographed copy, I inquired.  "Eva," I asked, "are you willing to ship copies?"  She is!  For anyone looking to get an autographed copy, give Eva a call at (203) 748-1002.  I don't recommend waiting!  {{grins}}

In the meantime, I'm working up the same pattern I used a few days ago (see same picture above).  This time it will be for me, and I'm using Trendsetter's "Checkmate" -- it's a ribbon yarn that alternates between a checkered "ladder" ribbon and a flat ribbon.  I'm using the color known as "Roses are Red" and using an even larger hook than what the pattern calls for -- I'm using a "P" Graydog hook (Graydog crochet hooks are only available on ebay).  I hope to have it finished in time for the weekend.

                   Did I say 42 hours?  Make that 41 ...

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