Monday, December 4, 2006

I didn't, but what if you couldn't?? Could you?

It's been an entire two days without crocheting -- and yes, I'm a bit "hook starved!"  LOL

On Saturday my family and I met up with other relatives at the Jones Family Farm in Shelton, Connecticut.  Our goal: to pick out beautiful Christmas Trees.  We let Dee Jr. cut down his first tree and drag it down the hillside -- it was like a scene from a Norman Rockwell painting complete with hot cider and chocolate chip cookies.  All that was missing was the snow!  Although my family has been going to the Jones Family Farm for years, this is the first time we gathered there with our extended family; what a blast it was!  We're thinking of making it a family tradition.

Saturday night was "out" for crocheting too as Mr. Dee and I decided to open one of the bottle of wine we purchased at the Farm.  It's a Strawberry wine and it made it to the top of my list of favorites.  Yum!

Yesterday was another family outing, and yes, I could have brought my crochet with me but it would not have been productive.  By the time we got in last night it was really too late to slip in a few stitches.

Even though I've been "stitch free" all weekend, it doesn't mean crochet hasn't been on my mind!  I was busy having "Crochet Sightings" everywhere I looked!  From products on store shelves, to items people were wearing.  I think doing this helped starve off the need to pick up a hook ... but there was something else on my mind this weekend ..

Something a bit more serious in theme: What if I was forbidden to crochet -- for myself, for family, for charity.  Would I do it?  Could I do it?  What about you? Could you give it up?  It seems the NCAA has done that to a football player.  Boise State football player, Ian Johnson, has been told he's no longer allowed to crochet -- they're worried people will ebay the items he creates.  You can read the full story here: 
NCAA to Ian: No More Beanies!  Many thanks to Kim Guzman for pointing this story out!  To read the ESPN article about Ian Johnson's "unusual hobby" click here.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, could I go without crocheting???  Good question!  I guess because I've only been at this for a little over 3 years, I can say that I remember a time when I didn't crochet (LOL, I also remember being banned from crocheting at work, so I sympathize with the football player!).  However, my fingers get twitchy if I go over 3 days without crocheting.  I didn't take any crocheting with me to the doctor's office last week and thought I was going to go out of my mind with boredom as I waited to be called.  

If I had to give a definite yes/no answer to this, I'd say, "no"...I don't think I could go without crocheting.  If I were stranded on a deserted island without hooks and yarn, I'd at least pray that I had a good sharp knife with me to make a hook!

Love the photos of you and the family!  I think that is a wonderful tradition.  Mom and I once went and cut our own tree.  It was fun!

The strawberry wine sounds delicious as well, even though I can't drink anymore due to my meds - not even a once-a-year social drink.  Hope you had hot cider or hot chocolate for the kids.  I couldn't think of anything better while out playing "lumberjacks".

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Dang what a crock...let the guy crochet! If he makes a few bucks...let him, Geesh! Hey Dee pass that strawberry wine my way...LOL ~Christy