Sunday, December 17, 2006

More on Doris

After being a guest at our monthly CGOA Chapter last week (which Priscilla did an awesome write-up on) Mini-Dee and I took Doris to one of my favorite restaurants in the area: Rosy Tomorrows.  (Yes, that blurry girl in the middle is Mini-Dee and she is wearing the piece I worked up from Doris' new book.)

Rosy's is a local restaurant that is filled with artifacts from the once popular Danbury Fair that closed it's gates in 1981.  There is no beating Rosy's atmosphere -- or it's food, so if you're passing through, be sure to stop there for lunch or dinner!   We had a fabulous time chatting about everything under the sun: from her childhood (we discovered we had similar childhood experiences) to her new book.  I had the most amazing time with her!

I didn't take notes, but fortunately Dora Ohrenstein just announced that the 2nd Issue of "Crochet Insider" has just been released -- and in it she interviews Doris Chan!  In reading her interview with Doris it felt like we were still at the restaurant!  Go, check it out!  Imagine sitting at the restaurant with us while getting to know Doris better!  :)

Hey, if you'd like to gift yourself or someone you know with an autographed copy of Doris' new book, A Stitch in Time said they have six autographed copies left.  Contact them for info!

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