Saturday, December 16, 2006

"a darned cute christmas thing" (2006)

   I've spent the majority of today sorting through my yarn stash,and as I continue to do so this evening, I am:

A. ... amazed I amassed so much during 2006.  Why, I have an entire tote of the ever luscious Marlene (sadly discontinued AND very hard to find!) that I use for crocheting designer hats to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.  
B.  ... bewildered that although I've consumed more yarn in various projects than I did last year, I'm quickly running out of places to store it.  Maybe I should consult
Wendy in figuring out new storage areas?

C.  ... completely inspired to drop the yarn sorting and work up more
charity projects; that's always a great way to reduce stash -- but then again, would Santa stop at the house if I never get the Christmas tree set up in time for his arrival because I was too busy crocheting? Would that get me on his "Naughty" list? 

D. ...nostalgic; perhaps I should revisit the thought from last year ...
"a darned cute Christmas thing" and consider decorating the tree with my stash?  I'll have to explore if the children would seriously mind the exchange of traditional ornaments for yarn; would they mind? No, seriously?  Would they?  Do I dare ask them?? ... I mean, if Berroco is suggesting it too, how could I possibly go wrong in doing it???  ;-}

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