Friday, September 21, 2012

Cro-Fun at The Big E

Wednesday was such a fun, fun day!  I joined up with nine of my fellow CGOA Chapter members and headed up to West Springfield, MA, to attend the Eastern States Exposition -- better known as "The Big E."  Our mission was to spend the day demonstrating various types of crochet in the New England Center building.  We have, for the past 10 years, gone to The Big E to promote Crochet on what is known as "Connecticut Day."

After setting up our booth, with both personal and charitable projects on display, time just seemed to speed up.  I met such wonderful people and had so much fun doing demonstrations on Tunisian crochet and the Amazing Needle/Knooking techniques.

Irene and I take 1st and 2nd Place in first heat of
"Crochet It In a Minute" contest at The Big E.

I also got to partake in the first-ever (that I know of) speed crochet contest held at The Big E that they called "Crochet it in a Minute."  They allowed us to use crochet hooks that we're comfortable with, so I chose one that I recently purchased from a friend who is destashing a bit -- I never used the hook prior to the contest, and yes, I did threaten the poor little hook that it would be "kindling" if it didn't do me right ... I was kidding, naturally.  I'd never willingly hurt one of my precious crochet hooks!!   ...   In the first heat, HHCC'er Irene and I came in 1st and 2nd, respectfully.  In the second heat Chava and Grace grabbed 1st and 2nd place.  If we were placed in order of speed, then I stand at an "Honorable Mention," coming in 4th.  In the knit version of the contest, our Fluffy came in 2nd Place. :)

I also got to check out all the entries our members had entered for judging: as a collective we won several blue ribbons, 2nd and honorable mentions.  I won 2 blue and 1 red for my pieces.  There were some amazing-jaw-dropping entries this year, including a beautiful red fillet duster and a "Big E" theme tapestry! 

And then came the dancing -- on stage! -- with the Connecticut Line Dancers!  Even with my two left feet, I had such a fantastic time!
Fluff had the moves, and even with my two left feet, she talked me
through the steps of one of the Connecticut Line Dancers dances.

Oh, and I can't forget the fudge.  Yessssss, fudge.  Cranberry fudge from the Massachusetts building.  Mmmmmmm.  :)

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Unknown said...

Hi there, Dee! I ran across your delightful blog while trying to find a particular crochet pattern on Google. It's nice to see that so many people are still really into the art! I myself love to crochet--from doilies to afghans to bedspreads, I do it all. :)

I wonder if you might be willing to do something for me; I have a bedspread that I made years ago--I want to make another in a different color but cannot for the LIFE of me find the pattern I used! :( I've thought about just looking at the bedspread itself and "reverse--engineering" it (that would work, because it's always on my bed!! That's how much I love it) but I'd rather have the pattern itself. If I were to take a couple of nice, detailed photos of it, and sent them to you, do you think you'd mind helping me find/recreate the pattern? I appreciate your time, either way you answer. Keep up the good work! :)