Monday, September 3, 2012

60/60 leads to taking a crochet class

playing with Tunisian Cables while crocheting a scarf
for the 2012 60/60 Challenge
One of the things I love about the annual 60/60 Challenge is in learning a new crochet stitch or technique while also working on a scarf for donation.  What would it be for this year?

Fortunately for me Kim Guzman posted the answer on Facebook:  she posted about a blog post she had written about her Tunisian Cables & Lace class being offered on!  I watched the preview and decided to sign up.  Since I am a CGOA member I plugged in my 'members discount' code and got 15% off the class.  (sweet!!)

This would be my first experience in taking an online class -- I really didn't know what to expect.  Boy, I was in for a treat!  I loved it!!  I plan on taking more online classes in the future.

While at the moment I am not using the pattern Kim provided with the class, I am having fun with the cable stitch (I omitted the lace part and beefed up the number of stitches required for the cabling).  And, I'm using up a bit of yarn stash too -- because we all know The Big E is coming up, and that means a trip to Webs!  (Whoot!)

So lets see: I get to take a class utilizing my CGOA membership, I get to learn something new, I get to use up some stash -- and then later replenish it -- all while hand-crocheting a simple scarf that will benefit my local community.  Priceless!

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