Thursday, April 26, 2012

Take The Time to Stop and Smell the Flowers ... and possibly save a life!

In the summer of 1995 I was in a car accident.  After obeying a stop sign, I had just removed my foot from the break, preparing to hit the gas to proceed forward when I was hit: the impact pushing my car into the middle of the intersection.  The driver who hit my rear bumper said he didn't see the stop sign. (Why the driver did not see my car is a whole 'nuther story.) The responding police officer said if he had hit me while my breaks were still applied, there'd be no doubt he would have pushed my rear bummer into the middle of my back seat.

Last fall, while stopped at a stop sign, awaiting for a parent with a young child to finish using a crosswalk, a driver wasn't willing to wait and decided to drive around me, nearly hitting them.  In the driver's case, they were in a rush to go 100 feet further to drop someone off.  The case goes to court next month.

What's the rush?  In our world of speed and multi-tasking (we could insert the whole array of what people actually do while behind the wheel), I think it's pretty cool that Bryan in San Diego has found a way for drivers to actually stop and smell the flowers -- well, not really smell the flowers -- but rather to take notice of stop signs he and a dozen other crocheters and knitters have turned into flowers.

Bryan's goal was to bring art to San Diego.  I think he's done that.  But I also think he may have possibly saved a life or two, just by encouraging people to take notice of the stop signs! 

In support of the Stop Sign Yarn Flowers, we're encouraging those in support to help us set a trend on Twitter by tweeting "#ILuvYarnFlowers."  Join us!  :)

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