Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chemo Caps for Kaplow - Wanna Help?

My son came home from school explaining they were doing a drive to remember Louis Kaplow, a boy who was known for his courage, humor and perserverance.  Tragically Louis lost his battle with brain cancer.  Every year since his passing, the school has a "Community Service Day," doing something to honor Louis' memory that benefits others.  This year they are collecting donations to present to the Yale New Haven Children's Hospital; Louis had spent many weeks at Yale and was reportedly given the best of quality care.

1.4 miles (or 6 laps around the track) of yarn was used to hand-crochet these 25 chemo caps in Kaplow's memory.
I had originally pledged to hand-crochet 20 chemo caps - one for each child in my son's homeroom.  Thinking I was done, I received word yesterday that the school is falling short of their goal for this drive.  In the last 24-hours I managed to whip up another 5 caps for this worthy cause!

Then it dawned on me ... why not offer to have people "sponsor" the caps.  With the 25 I hand-crocheted, and another 15 one of my Chapter Members offered, there are 40 caps total.  Then I thought, what if folks sponsored caps for $5 each?  We could raise up to $200! 

When Dee Jr came home from school today I presented him with this idea -- not only did he like it, but he also jumped on sponsoring two caps!  Then his sister also pledged to sponsor two caps.  This means we've already raised $20!  Since the caps need to be turned in Friday morning, I'm wondering if we can get all the caps sponsored within the next 24 hours.  What do you think? 

All monies raised will be turned into the school with the caps on Friday. The school will use the funds collected to purchase items needed for the drive, benefiting infants to teenagers all battling cancer.  Thank you for your support!  :)

             ----------------------- THANK YOU SPONSORS!  We raised $100!! ------------------------------
Dee Jr:  two caps, $10
Mini~Dee: two caps, $10
Grace, HHCC Pres: two caps, $10
Sharon & Dewey: four caps, $20
Andrea G: two caps, $10
Ellen Gormley of two caps, $10
Kara G: three caps, $15
Kyooms of two caps, $10
Mr. Dee: one cap, $5


Haley said...

Hi Dee, I would love to sponsor 3 caps in honor of my children. Your link doesn't take me directly to where to pay in paypal. Can you let us know the email addy to send the money to?
Thanks so much for all you do!
Haley said...

Hi Haley,
How sweet of you; thank you! :)

If the link isn't working proper, Paypal donations can be sent to my aol email address:
To get the above email addy to work, the numbers 123 need to be removed and the AT needs to be replaced with the @ symbol. The reason for the covert email address is to avoid those internet spiders that harvest emails for spamming.