Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Loot, The Goods, The Bounty ...

The question that seems to be on everyone's mind (including Mr. Dee & the kids) since I've been back from ChainLink - which was what? A just week ago? -- is what did I come home with from the Vendor's Market?
On Thursday night, when the market opened, I decided to swim the current of shoppers to see what was "new to me," and what had "potential inspiration."  Like a child in a candy store, there was a plenty that fit these two categories!

On Friday afternoon, while many attendees were in class, I re-entered the vendors market and swam, like a shark, from vendor to vendor.  My first purchase were stunningly-beautiful handmade buttons by www.diirvine.com  -- I'm not sure why the color orange sang to me so loudly (maybe the yarn I purchased at Rhinebeck last year is finally ready to be worked up?), but I was in love.  There was no leaving them on the rack!

 I stopped at another vendor that was offering hand-dyed hanks of yarn.  I resisted the temptation, but could I really?  No.  I went no further than 10 steps away before I found myself returning to adopt a stunning hank of "blue denim" bamboo ribbon.  I then ran over to the CGOA's Yarn Winding booth and handed my precious new baby over to be wound into cakes; they were raising money to donate to the ASPCA in Jean Leinhauser's memory.  (If you ever tried to wind ribbon yarn, you'll find having someone else do it for you will be the best dollar-while-helping-a-cause will be the best dollar you'll ever spend!)

On Saturday evening, just moments before the market closed I made one more final purchase: a skein of Rozetti's sequined Soft Payette, and a skein of that new funky yarn that opens into a rickrack style of lace, Rozetti's Marina Multi.  This type of yarn is known as "webbed ribbon."  The video below is Rozett's video on how to knit with it:

and below is Kathleen Sams, of Red Heart Yarn, demonstrating how to crochet with the netted ribbon they're calling Sashay:

Pretty cool, huh?

The last goodie I got was not purchased.  It was a gift from my friend, Prudence Mapstone. It is a handmade button crafted by Petra of New Zealand. It's absolutely beautiful! Thank you, Prudence! :)


CrochetBlogger said...

Very cool that they offered yarn winding for a good cause!

byhooks4u said...

all I can say is wow!!

TxDove said...

Great tutorial! I just finished knitting a scarf using a similar yarn from Yarn Bee. The scarf turned out great, but I want to try it using a crochet hook and was not sure how to approach it. Thanks so much!