Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bringin' It Home...

Mr. Dee and I took the trek to Massachusetts yesterday to pick up the crochet entries from the Big E.  Without the kids, this gave us great quality time to discuss various crochet topics, such as which location (Minnesota vs. North Carolina) I should consider submitting my CGOA Class Proposals.

Upon arrival we learned more about the Special Awards:


    Dee's Pushmi Vest & Ling Collar
  • NEW Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) website: http://www.crochet.org/  One award for Best Wearing Apparel entry. Award consists of one certificate for a free year of membership in CGOA.
  • NEW Plymouth Yarn of Bristol, Pa website: http://www.plymouthyarn.com/  One package of 100% Galway Wool Yarn for Best Use of Pattern Work and/or Color Change
  • Webs/Valley Fiber Corp of Northampton, Mass website: http://www.yarn.com/  One award for Most Creative Use of Traditional Crochet (stitches must be used in original clothing or accessories design)

I won two of the three awards:  The Best Wearing Apparel, and The Most Creative Use of Traditional Crochet for the "Ling Collar."  My fellow HHCC'er Elaine, won the Best Use of Pattern Work and/or Color Change for her original Flower Dolls (picture can be seen here on the HHCC's blog).  This was the first time I've ever won a Sponsor Award at The Big E, and this was Elaine's second time.

In reading how the Pushmi~Pullyu vest I designed for my son, and how the Ling Collar scored, the Collar actually scored higher, with points taken off for color.  Why it earned a Red Ribbon, and the vest a Blue, I'll never know.   However, I am very thankful for the Special Awards and want to thank the CGOA and WEBs for sponsoring them.  As to what I will purchase with my WEBs gift card? I'm not sure yet.  :)
Dee's & her CGOA Chapter's entries @ the Big E.


Doris said...

So, Dee, where's my cut of the prize? :-)

CrochetingWithDee.com said...

For you, my friend, a bottle of wine. ;)