Friday, January 9, 2009

"My, what big eyes you have!"

I am knee-deep in some CGOA activities, fulfilling some contract crochet obligations, and in the middle of helping my daughter plan her birthday party. So why is it, with another huge winter storm headed my way, that I cannot shut my eyes and turn my mind off to possible new projects?

The first project that started churning in my mind is for boas. My Mini~Dee will be having a "MakeOver~Glamor" party, and what would be better than seeing the girls wrapped up in fun, furry boas? If it snows tomorrow, I'll be turning the idea over to Mini~Dee to impliment.

The second project, which popped into my head as I was driving my children to school this morning, was a deep, deep desire to crochet with crystal beads and dark, dark brown fiber (yarn or thread) ... something freeformish, something inspired by the pictures I took yesterday and this morning with the ice clinging to the trees. Obviously mother nature has a huge hand in inspiring me here, and I know I have the supplies on hand. I am just itching to get started! Unfortunately I will have to hold off until I clear my plate off a little. (bummer!)
My question to you, readers, is, when weather or seasons change, are you inspired to crochet? If so, is it a creative project based upon what you see outside your front door, or are you more inspired to crochet for comfort until it passes? Or perhaps both?

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Beata said...

Boas! What a super idea!!! My fellow Girl Scout leaders and I were just talking a couple of nights ago about our annual lock-in for our troops and having a spa/makeover theme! We had makeup time last year and it was a huge hit. Crocheted boas would be perfect. Thanks for the inspiration!