Monday, April 9, 2007

Q: How Does One Start A Flea Market?

Holidays are great because its an opportunity to visit with friends & family you may not have seen for awhile.  Yesterday we visited with my husband's family.  They're such a passionate group, that you never know what they'll share with you next.

Mr. Dee thought it would be fun to bring all the books my crochet work has been featured in (check out the left hand column of my so see just some of them), and Dee Jr. decided to wear the sweater I recently designed for him.  I was honored to be a part of their "show & tell."  Mini~Dee wore a necklace & bracelet set she created to "exclusively" go with the outfit she was wearing -- she looked like a million bucks!  :)

While they had fun showing their various crochet theme items off, my future sister-in-law thanked me repeatedly for the scarf & hat I gave her at Christmas time.  "Everytime, I wear them, I always get compliments," she said.  "And they kept me quite warm too!"  I was happy that she was enjoying the set so much.

Then one of my brother-in-laws said, "Dee, ever since you asked me to keep my eyes open at local flea markets for crochet hooks, I've been doing just that."  He smiled.  With that smile I knew he had found a treasure -- a real treasure.  He pulled from his pocket the following:

Did your mouth pop open in looking at this beauty?  Mine did.  "Whoa!" I exclaimed, "what a beauty!" 

He handed it to me to inspect closer.  I looked at the head, the throat, the elongated neck.  I placed my fingers around it's body and felt how wonderfully balanced it felt.  I noted the three rings.  "Oh, this is an incredible find," I repeated over and over.

"I got it for eight bucks."

"No way!" I said disbelieving.

"Yeah, the guy wanted ten, and I countered with eight.  I got it at a local flea market I frequent often."

"Whoa..." was all I could reply.  Thankfully I had the camera near by and snapped a few pictures. 

He's saving it for his wife who has a renewed interest in learning how to crochet.  I'm thinking I need to go to flea markets more often.  :)

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Anonymous said...

WOW if I wasnt already married:) heehee I love the hook its awesome! I need to start going back to flea markets I havent been in years. I figure I have enough stuff to start my own. Sherri

Anonymous said...

Simply gorgeous!!