Tuesday, July 19, 2005


My children and hubby have been having fun this summer looking at various websites and blogs about Bigfoot (aka, Sasquash).  They've been reading all the news articles and looking at various photos wondering if the myth is true or not.

So one of the things my husband tried to do is debunk the myth that I crochet while I'm sleeping.  He grabbed the camera and took this picture on the left.

"See," exclaimed my son when he saw the picture, "you are crocheting in your sleep!!"

Well I do admit that it appears that I am sleeping, it's not true.  I was actually crocheting alongside my daughter when that photo was taken, peering down through some glasses to magnify my work.  Let me tell you, working with black thread is a {insert your own adjective here} bear!  So the myth in this case is not true.  ((grins))

Please, no comments about the lack of make-up.  I didn't have time to get "all pretty" for the photo.  If you want me "pretty" look at my "About Me" section.  Yeah, I updated it, again!  Heh heh heh

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Anonymous said...

I think its a beautiful pic!  Wish I crocheted in my sleep.  I'd have so many FO's!!!