Monday, July 18, 2005

Keeping up the Crochet Technology

I spent a great amount of time on the PC yesterday.  I've been working on a few of my pages on my website, CrochetWithDeePrimarily, I focused on my webpage that lists the various types of crochet.  I added more techniques, added some images, and worked on removing/replacing dead links.  I'm still not done with updating it, but I am excited that I have nearly 100 types of crochet listed! 

So this excitement brings a request from me to you, my readers:  I'm hoping you can help me bring it up to 100!  Please, take a look at the page, Types of Crochet, and let me know what you think is missing.  I'd be esctatic!

Over on my Famous Crocheters webpage I added another name.  I added Liz Smith, the actress, not the gossip columnist.  Liz reportedly can be seen crocheting in the new Willie Wonka movie.  It looks like I may be taking the kids to the movies to check this out!  (You got to love "homework" like that!  Heh heh heh)

I also spent time over at the website printing out the brochure, the notes, and images to create a little scrapbook, a memento to remember where my little Irish Clones doily is, and the terrific company it's keeping.  The most interesting part of this is when my little scrapbook was done my sweet hubby flipped through it -- and started noting who's work belonged to who without any help!  I was really impressed that he's been paying attention!   (No, not all the artists names printed out, so he couldn't cheat.  I'll be going back into the scrapbook to add the names later today.)

Finally, a crochet story to share:  Crocheting for Charity

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