Friday, April 30, 2004

Tough Week

It's been a really tough week this week all due to my son getting sick and ending up needing to be hospitalized due to dehydration.   While he's now on the mend, that meant that all my crochet classes for the week had to be canceled.  

The week brought some crochet challenges & pleasures though and I thought I'd share them a bit:

1.   I got the recent issue of PieceWork magazine ... if you're a bride then you'll want to check it out as it's filled with dresses & accessories from the 1700s to today.   There's various patterns in it including for tatting & for crochet.  Everything featured in this issue is absolutely delicious!

2.   I was prewarned by the doctor that we may be headed to the hospital so I had put together a "crochet kit" -- my plan was to turn the flower grid featured in the above mentioned magazine into something called "flat bead crochet."  Unfortunately, I had forgotten to pack beading needles and the local craft store didn't have any.

3.   This didn't stop my son, however, from insisting that the nursing staff check out my crochet work.   He handed them a hat I had crocheted out of the deliciously soft Homespun yarn as a future donation -- the same hat that he ended up claiming for himself!  (LOL)   He was proud of the hat, and also wanted to ensure that they knew I crocheted baby blankets & hats for their preemie ward.   (I guess this means he's quite proud of his Mamma.)

4.   Getting back to the hats, I had volunteer lunch duty for my daughter's class on Monday (just prior to learning my son was to become so ill) -- and I had decided to seize the opportunity to crochet while they ate.   I brought the Homespun yarn with me and started working on a future hat donation.   The kids were amazed!   They asked nearly a million questions about it and my daughter was pleased to be able to answer most of them.   Then, afterwards when we got home, my daughter checked out the pile of hats I had already finished and opted to pick one out for herself.   She wore it to school the next day and said that all the kids had fun petting it's softness while inquiring if it was the same hat I had been working on the day before.   I think I'll make it a habit of bringing my charity projects with me each time so the kids can see how things are created.   Who knows -- maybe there's a child, or two, or three, or more that would love to learn how!!

So what's up for now?   Now with my son home and feeling a bit better (he's being monitored today) I'll get my crochet kit together for tonight's volunteer duty at the school (bingo).  This time, I'll be sure to pack those pesky beading needles!   :)


BTW:  If you're interested in subscribing the PieceWork magazine I mentioned, check out the website known as as they've got the best price I've found thus far for a subscription.


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