Saturday, April 10, 2004

The Lion's Share

Finding the right yarn for the fleece blanket with a lion & tiger on it proved challenging.  I settled on one yarn (lion brand's fun fur) only to find another (Linie 67; Como).  After sewing the ends under with the Linie and crocheting one row of single crochets I've decided that perhaps I should mix the Linie and the fun fur together.  I'll have to report back on how the results are. 

The important part of this, is that my ds is happy I'm at least working on his blanket!  In the meantime, he's kidnapped my shawl and said it's his until the blanket is ready.  LOL  

Other exciting news is that one of my crochet students revealed to me that she's interested in teaching crochet!  (Whoo hoo!)  She's been taking my classes since I first started teaching, and I know she'll do a fantastic job!  Right now she wants to take the CYCA Certification Course, so I've got to get busy finishing setting that up. 

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