Saturday, October 13, 2007

Update: 60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge

Eighteen days remain for reaching the goal of creating 60 Scarves in 60 Days!  So, how are we doing?

We have, to date, 22 people, 23 counting myself, participating in our 4th Annual 60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge!  I believe this to be a new record of participants!  Whoo hoo!!

Here is the list of all those who are participating:

  • Sandie at Crafty Corral  just finished scarf #4 and is starting #5
  • Sherri at CrochetR is working on her fourth scarf
  • Tracie at Fibers by Tracie has completed her third scarf
  • Sheila at Just Another Hooker is working on her first scarf
  • Bunny from Bunny's Blog has completed her third scarf and has started working on her fourth 
  • Ellen over at GoCrochet has completed one and is working on her second
  • Haley of CT
  • Priscilla of has finished her sixth (and she's also close to completing her personal goal of creating 100 items for charity this year!)
  • Sonia of
  • Jennifer of; has completed on her second scarf
  • Beata of who has three five a grand total of 6 scarves and says, "I can't believe how quick they were to make." 
  • Jane of also has three scarves done.
  • Valarie of Chino Valley, AZ; she donated two scarves she crocheted to her local church.  Her Church donates clothing & food to the homeless.
  • Olga of CT says "I already finished one scarf and started thesecond, so you can count with two from me."
  • Lucy, an elementary school teacher in Wisconsin says, "I know that every school could use scarves. There is always a child that comes to school without proper clothing in winter. If it's an adult scarf, perhaps the child's mother needs it. You can count on my for at least one scarf for my school."
  • Lori of CT who says her goal is to crochet two scarves.
  • Robyn of is sending out a scarf to charity
  • Maven of has a scarf done for the  Red Scarf Project project with another one started.
  • PCB Chick in Florida of is working on her first second scarf for the Challenge

    Also joining the Challenge is:

  • Ghost of who is working on a scarf to help a friend who's son is in the service. Their goal is to make 10, one for each tent mate!
  • Joyce of who has two scarves completed and thinks working on this challenge may be bringing her teams luck.  She might be right! Go Patriots!!
  • Robin of has an incredible eight scarves done for the challenge! Eight!  (Robin, thank you so much for reminding me!!)
  • Added together, with my four, that makes ... wait, wait,wait, we have some new numbers to report tonight!  Earlier this evening I stated that "if all the scarves in process were completed within the next 18 days, that would  bring us to 51" -- I checked my email just moments ago and found that I had errored by missing Robin's participation (my apologies Robin!) and that Joyce is also joining us in meeting the challenge.  (If I'm missing anyone else, or your count is incorrect, please, please let me know!!)

    What does this now mean?  When we add in Joyce's and Robin's completed scarves it changes our totals!  We now stand at 52 completed scarves and 11 in process!!  It means that if all 11 of the scarves in process are completed within the next 18 days we'll beat the goal!   This is so exciting!!  :)

    We can still use your help to possibly beat last year's number!  Why not add your name to the growing list and create a scarf for charity and help us reach this goal?  You can use up some stash (while making room for some new fiber), and try a new stitch or technique-- and you can have your name entered in my drawing for a lovely prize!  All you need to do is go here for the official rules! Tags: , , ,


    Anonymous said...

      I have been very busy crochetting Very large Treasure Bags to be filled with toiletries for teens for Kids in Crisis.  It is the goal of our newly formed Chain Gang of Stamford to make crochetted items for the center, as our 1st charity project.  I will be very happy to donate at least 3 scarves there also.  I have 2 completed and will begin a 3rd today.  Thank you for doing this wonderful project and count me in !!!!
                               Best Wishes, Shelley from Stamford

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Dee!  I have one that will be finished with just a few more stitches on the border and one in process using the crazy stitch (thanks for the wonderful link to crochetcabana!)  So you can count on 2 from me.  They will be donated with the other items from the Chaingang group in Stamford to Kids in Crisis.  Thanks so much for this wonderful challenge.  I really enjoyed participating this year - I even got my kids involved helping to choose the right fibers for the scarves.  Have a great day!  Haley

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Dee! Sorry I've been out of the loop (hehehe) for a while. I've got two scarves finished, and I'm putting some macrame fringe on my third. Will have it done by Monday.

    Additionally, two ladies from my local knitting group have donated one scarf each towards the Red Scarf Project-- do these count towards your goal as well?

    Anonymous said...

    I need to correct myself, Dee.

    I crocheted three scarves and knit one. So MY count is four total! :)