Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Celebrating With Stitches ... & Designer Yarns

I find it interesting how much fiber I have amassed in the weeks while awaiting for my wrist to heal.  Normally shopping for yarn is not a problem due to the large quantity I seem to go through in creating class samples, items for charities, and tooling around with design ideas for possible publication.  But, since "production" had come to a near halt due to my wrist injury, that does not mean I stopped collecting fiber!

After class yesterday I found myself stocking up on three more fibers: "Sundae Swirl" by Plymouth Yarn; Berroco's "Calico;" and Louisa Harding's "Sari Ribbon."  Sweet, sweet, sweet!  There was also a pretty Fiesta yarn in a black/mulberry colorway that I was seriously eyeing -- at $38 a hank I thought it wise to first decide upon what project I would use for it prior to purchasing it as I'd want to ensure I buy enough!  I'll spend the week thinking about it and return back at the shop next week to make the adoption process final.  {VBG}

I know what you're thinking!  "Dee, are you nuts??!! Thirty-eight dollars for a single hank of yarn?"  I assure you, I am totally sane.  While I cannot afford to pay $38 a hank for every project I work on, I have no problem splurging on a designer fiber from time to time to create very special projects.

I think of it this way: if you spend hours on end crocheting something spectacular wouldn't you want to be paid handsomely for your time, your talent, and your creativity? It's no different; I'll be rewarding someone financially to hand dye a fiber using their time, talent and creativity.   --And, after weeks of waiting to crochet I think I deserve some top-of-the-line beautious fiber to reward myself.  After all, little self-indulgence from time to time is good for the soul, right?  :)

Tonight I'm celebrating as my wrist brace is off!! The wrist is still tender so I need to pace myself, but still -- it's OFF!!!   Yes!!!  I'm hoping to complete a scarf tonight using Madil's "Silky" (and is it ever!).

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