Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Coffee, Crochet & Chat

At today's Coffee, Crochet & Chat session held at our local Borders bookstore located in Brookfield, CT, I had the pleasure of hooking up with Priscilla, Ruth, Kathy, and new to the group, Patty (Patty found us through the ConnecticutCrochet yahoo group).

I really enjoy this gathering as it is a great time just to kick back, talk about yarn, sales, fiber events, and the newest pattern books hot off the presses.

Whomever arrives first goes upstairs to the Craft section and pulls all the "New to Me" crochet books they have available.  This way when everyone arrives there are several new books sitting on our table for all to check out and possibly add to our private crochet libraries.  The only unfortunate part is sometimes more than one person likes the same book and there's only one copy available -- like this morning when Priscilla and I were eyeing the new book, "201 Crochet Motifs, Blocks, Patterns and Ideas" by Melody Griffiths.  I'm not sure what happened; I just couldn't get the word "Dibs!" out quick enough so she got to buy the store's only copy.  Drat!  LOL  Next time I'm going to have to wear my Calling Dibs pin!  {{giggles}}  Hopefully the store will get more copies, or I'll have to check if our local B&N has it, or just order it from Amazon.   {10/8 UPDATE: I found Overstock has the book available for $15.95 AND they're running a 3-day $1 shipping promotion.  Click here tocheck it out.}

Another book I ogled over was Mary Jane Hall's new book called Positively Crochet! ... there's quite a few items in there I have on my ever-growing WIM list including a crocheted gem ring!  I decided to place this book onto my Holiday Wish List so Mr. Dee & the kids can pick it out for me.  Kathy, Ruth and Patty also had fun checking out all the books too.  ((Kathy bought one too, I just don't recall the title.))

In the picture above is Priscilla showing off the latest Doris Chan pattern she's decided to try; Priscilla's stitch work is always beautifully done!  Ruth was working on a pretty pink circular baby blanket; Kathy was working on a scarf and a pair of crocheted socks.  Towards the end of the meeting I got brave and managed to crochet 20 stitches nearly pain-free, and that felt so good; I've missed crocheting!  Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to do 25?

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