Saturday, October 6, 2007

Another Project Completed!

I am one happy camper! The bag for my children's upcoming school fund raising auction is completed!  Fully lined too and not a trace of hot glue! (lol)  I was able to handle the sewing machine quite nicely, and able to do some hand stitching too.  I think I'm well on my way to a full recovery! :)

How the bag was made:  I used an "innovations knitter" (I mentioned it the other day) working up a full skein of Patons' Classic Wool in the Palais colorway.  Prior to felting it, I folded the "knitted" material in thirds, seamed up two of the sides using a technique known as "the Poor Man's Join" of interlocking loops on the edges.

After it was dry from the felting process, I took apart a belt I had purchased at a Kohl's department store and turned it into the purse strap; I love the contrast of the fuzzy felt with the slickness of the shiny metal.  (The next time you go shopping, stop and look at the belts -- you'll be amazed at how many *want* to be incorporated into your projects!)  ... I even lined the bag with material that matches the random colorway the yarn created.

Considering there's not a single crochet stitch, I do like the way the project came out, and would like to make more in the future.  I'm hoping who ever bids on it and wins the auction will enjoy the bag as much as I did creating it!   :)

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