Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Knitting With My New BFF

Being crochet challenged for the past several weeks has forced me to go out and make new friends in the fiber world in order to meet some deadlines.  Does this mean that I have replaced crocheting with knitting?  No, not really, but I do have a new BFF.

You see, with my children's school auction quickly approaching, and with my crochet club planning a felting demonstration at an upcoming meeting, I had to find a means to create the various items I need for each.  But how could I do so with a wrist brace on?  Crocheting with the brace is uncomfortable with the way it rubs against the palm of my hand.  I wouldn't be able to knit either for the same reason -- but I could "turn a crank!"  And so I did!

Everyone, meet my new BFF ... the "Innovations Knitter Machine" that I purchased a few weeks back when it was on sale at Joanns  (which btw, it is again, AND they're offering FREE shipping w/code OCTFSH735 on orders of $35 or more through 10/4/07)   My new BFF has been very good to me, easily whipping through my wool stash in record time.  And in those moments when I tire from turning the crank Mini~Dee and Dee Jr. are awaiting for their turn!  So really my new BFF has turned into the family's new BFF! :)

How does this knitting machine differ from the Barbie Knitter that my children enjoy?  It makes much wider panels/tubes which is great for adult hats (which I haven't tried yet), and wider fabrics which are great for felting purposes.  The instructions that are included with the machine has directions on how to "knit" an adult sweater with it, but I'm not ready to venture there -- yet.  After all, while we are getting along great, our friendship is still new and I don't want my crochet hooks to think I'm totally abandoning them.  But, on the other hand, for we who want the knit look without having to actually knit, or need fabric to felt up in the blink of an eye, it's good to have a backup BFF.  And for me, the "Innovations Knitter Machine" is a welcome addition to my fiber toy tool addiction.

I'm off now to attempt using the sewing machine while wearing the brace -- I'm hoping to finish the felted bag for the school auction by tomorrow.  If I can't manage the sewing machine I might need to turn to my other BFF: the hot glue gun.  Wish me luck.

*BBF: Best Friends Forever

NOTE:  Click here to visit Joanns today -- to enter your name into their "$500 Yarn Lovers Dream Package" sweepstakes!

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Anonymous said...

This is on my wish list on Amazon as well!

I have used those Knifty Knitter looms in the past, and added this to my wish list (as well as a hand cranked ball winder).

Be sure to post more more more about this toy:)