Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Hills Are Alive With Music ...

There has been much discussion over the passing of Werner von Trapp, one of the children made famous by the "Sound of Music" movie we all adore.  He was 91, and a crocheter.  There is a house my town, rumored to be one of the homes they lived in prior to settling in Stowe, VT.   I haven't found any concrete information to confirm this yet, but at least the thought that this amazing family may have brought their music to Connecticut is endearing.  I would have loved to have heard it in person.

Another musical note is being sung by Aretha Franklin -- "C R O C H E T" -- yes, the woman whose voice that was proclaimed as a "natural resource" by the state of Michigan, the one who demands "R E S P E C T," is a crocheter!  And, based upon this website, she loves to do the pumpkin and pineapple stitches.  (Yes, I'm trying to figure out what the pumpkin stitch is!  Readers, do you know?  Aretha, please feel free to contact me and let me know!) 

Finally, today is the day my neighborhood will be hearing various notes, mind you, I didn't say musical notes.  No, that will come with time.  This is because both Mini~Dee and Dee Jr. are starting their music lessons today.  Both have opted to learn how to play the Trumpet, and they're both quite excited to get started.  To keep harmony in the house, I have plans of crocheting identifying markers for both the trumpets and the cases -- and maybe even some sort of muffler to dampen the decibels for awhile.   Yes, the hills in Connecticut will be hearing the sounds of trumpet.  LOL

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Anonymous said...

Since the "pineapple" isn't really a stitch (more like a motif) then perhaps the "pumpkin" is too?  I have a lot of vintage books and I've never seen anything referencing it but I'm looking forward to reading if you find out what it is.