Saturday, October 20, 2007

Heavy Heart

Members of the online yahoo group "Crochet Partners" received sad news today.  Long-time member Debbie Weathersby died this morning, having fought a long battle with ovarian cancer.

One of Debbie's crocheted squaresDebbie joined the group five years ago, and often times we would exchange emails, IM's, or chat in the CP Chat Room about our crochet projects and our children;  often times flopping ourselves onto our virtual "camp couch" to get over illnesses our children shared with us; our birthdays were just days away from each other (different years though).  (She has a daughter just a wee bit younger than my Mini~Dee, and another one who turned 19 a week ago.) 

Debbie was proud of her growing crochet abilities, and rightly so as with each project she took on her confidence grew!  I will greatly miss her inquiries and our chats.  Debbie, the left-handed crocheter from Shreveport, Louisiana (as she would often sign off her emails with), thank you for touching my life.  You will be greatly missed.  God Bless.

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