Thursday, October 6, 2005

So, You Want to go Pro?

Working for oneself has it's appeal.  You are the boss, you set your own hours.  You can even work in your flannel pajamas and fuzzy crocheted slippers if you'd like.  (Yes, I'm guilty of that one!  And yes, I'm out here on my swing again! heh heh heh)

As a certified crochet teacher and budding designer I'm fortunate to make enough money to keep me home with my children.  I'm able to volunteer time at their school, and take them to interesting places -- such as the museum we went to this past Tuesday.

I'm often asked how I got to this point, and I want to say right off the bat that it was not an overnight success.  I started small and stepped into a lot of luck.  Fortunately for me, I believe that all crochet hooks contain a bit of pixie dust, for without all the crocheters who have crossed my path, where would I be today?  (Maybe still in the *Crocheter's Closet?*)

I've been asked to offer some of my patterns wholesale, this is obviously something I needed to do some research in and I found the book "
The Basic Guide to Pricing Your Craftwork," by James Dillehay a great help.  I recommend it to anyone looking to sell their work as it has great information on how to arrive at fair prices and even ways you can save some money come tax time.  One thing I've learned for sure is that it looks like I will need to apply for an official business license.  But that's another journal entry for another day.

Getting back to going Pro, it can be as simple as selling your finished crocheted projects, to selling your patterns.  It can mean becoming a certified Instructor or Teacher, or even a publisher.  The key is to find out where your interests are, what kind of time you can put into it, and if the market can support your choice.  Right now, I pretty much eat & sleep crochet (can you tell?).  Are you ready to devote so much time (and possibly storage space) to it too?

If so, then you should look into becoming an Associate Professional of the Crochet Guild of America.  If you're already a member then all you need to do is apply for the membership upgrade.  If you're not a member yet, then you can apply by clicking onto the CGOA name above.  Once you're an Associate member you will be invited to join the online Professionals Group.  This is where you have access to "meet" the professionals shaping our art form today: publishers, suppliers, designers ... and upon request, you'll be hooked up with a mentor of your field to aid you in reaching your goals.

Sounds good, doesn't it?  It's like a slice of heaven!  My advice to you, if this appeals to you, is to jump in and test the waters.  You may not get rich, but you just may enjoy it as much as I do -- and happiness is priceless!  J

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