Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Do You Love Your Job?

I do -- I absolutely LOVE mine!  When I worked "corporate" I was not the happiest of people for a number of reasons.  The main one was that I felt my artistic side was stifled by the long hours.  Many-a-time I'd take over several lunch tables to do my crafting; that is when I felt happiest back in the day of 50-70 hour work weeks.  Today I have time to spend with my children and doing what I love -- teaching crochet to others.  Are you lucky like me where you can spend time doing what you love?  I wish everyone did.

Soooooooooooo -- as I'm preparing to dash out the door to have fun teaching a crochet class tonight I wanted to post real quick about an interesting artist that is displaying herself "in an office" while crocheting an afghan that will provide no warmth.  Nope, she's using the stuff you wrap flowers with and a HUGE crochet hook.  The concept is to show how we have jobs but the security does not provide us with warmth. 

(When's the last time you saw MAMMOTH SIZED CROCHET???

Wait no longer!  Click here to
read the article, and click her to read the blog.  A very interesting read INDEED!

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Anonymous said...

I read this and couldn't help but wonder how many people will really "get it"? Especially with all the work that is being put into it! I get it and think it really speaks to me. Personally, since I am disabled and cannot work. The last job I had was a non-profit where I was able to get the poor and elderly free medications that they were otherwise unable to obtain. Wow, that job made me feel GREAT! It was a lack of a grant and an accident that left me disabled that took it away. Thank goodness that Medicare seems to be going to let the seniors have their free medication come January 2006.

Anonymous said...

Dropped by on BE... Great article, and your website is lovely.  Like everyone else, I learned crochet as a kid.  Would like to learn again as knitting as taken over here in L.A. (it's fun too).

Happy crocheting...