Sunday, October 30, 2005

Scaring Up Some Halloween Patterns

The longest day of the year during the longest month of the year ... ah, what does one do with oneself when extra time is available?  Why, crochet!  But of course!  ((giggles))  And for those that are really into the Halloween theme ... perhaps they'd be crocheting up some Witchcraft Lace ...

Or wickedly trying to create a Witch Clothespin Doll (she's so cute!); or chanting over this pattern (German) to whip up this great looking Witches Hat before flying over to the Lion Brand Website to create the hair and broom to complete the look ...  and lets not forget about the pumpkin!  Maybe instead of scaring youngsters (and youngsters at heart)  they'll be more into collecting the candy loot.  If so, they might want to scare up the right ghostly goodie bag, and don't forget they'll be wearing a Masquerade Mask, eh! 

Maybe the season has them feeling a bit
batty, and want some crochet to hanging around ... there's many, many more Halloween theme patterns available on the Internet, so always look around!  A quick search will surely scare up some more!  Wha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!

A Note: The pails featured in today's picture were crocheted by a member of The HHCC where they were placed up for auction -- and where yours truly heavily bid on them (couldn't come home with just one, you know!).  Now they're a part of my kids Halloween tradition.  Unfortunately I do not know any details of if/where there's a pattern available.  I just know that my children love them!

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