Friday, October 28, 2005

A B C D E F G H I J K ...

L M No?

          What about P?

Q R S T ...

          Not even U?

What is going on here?

Last night after finishing two more hats that will be available for purchase on Monday, I settled in to start working on one of the scarves that will be given to one of my son's teachers this holiday season.  He picked out two fibers ... Di.Ve's incredible "Revival" to be mixed with "Spice #10" on the edging.

The plan was to take this wool and acrylic blend in it's beautiful pink/mauve mix and "waffle weave" it up as I did with the scarf pictured on the right.  I tried a number of different sized crochet hooks and it just did not look "beautiful" to me.  It was either too stiff, or had too many holes.  No hook, including my "U" did the trick.  So I thought of other crochet stitch variations that I love ... nope, nope, nope!  Ugh!!  I was becoming frustrated.  Ack!  What stitch would make this fiber "sing?!" the way it was meant to???

I looked over to my knitting needles.  Do I dare?  What would the teacher receiving the scarf think if I handed her (gasp!) a knitted item instead of crocheted?  My heart sank.  What was I to do?

I thought about it more.  It's been nearly a year since I've attempted any knitting. AND lets not forget that the scarf I knitted (and donated tocharity) had a mysterious "button hole" in it.  (Eish!)  I felt the dread settling in; I really didn't want to knit it -- the teachers know me for my crochet.  Do I break out of my mold and just go for it?  I felt scared, after all what if I knitted it up and the mysterious "button hole" reappeared?!  I shuddered.

I stared at the fiber.  I looked over to the knitting needles.  The needles just sat there looking back at me saying nothing.  They've never spoken to me and I've often wondered why.  I then looked over at my crochet hooks.  What?  Did I hear that right?  My "P" hook whispered something to me -- I swear!

I leaned closer; what was it trying to say?  It was hard to make it out as it spoke so softly.  There!  It said it again!  I blinked, looked at the fiber again then back to the hook.  I hadn't thought of that!  Would it work?  

I sat back, picked up the "P" hook, chained 12 and set to doing the hooks' suggestion.  I let out a big sigh of relief.  It's going to be alright!  The hook was right -- Tunisian does look wonderful with this fiber and the hook size gives it a beautiful drape!

                              We should all listen to our hooks more often, eh?

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Anonymous said...

Don't you just love when they talk to you?  Sometimes I think the fiber and the hooks are talking behind my back... I swear the yarn I buy for specific projects, most of the time, ends up being something else after I start crocheting.