Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Peace, Hook and Happiness

I think I may be a misplanted Flower Child from the 1970s as I've been busy promoting Peace, Love and Happiness for various aspects of crochet.  Let me explain:

Recently I've been reading blogs and various posts to some online groups I belong to where people are discussing *hate* for particular crochet stitches.  In some cases I've responded sharing my thoughts that all stitches should be embraced and loved.

In my humble opinion, I think *Hate* is such a strong word; too strong to be used in any aspect of describing the art of crochet.  Based on the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word hate means,
          "a : intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury;
            b : extreme dislike or antipathy"

Now based on this I could say that I hate tomatoes.  I don't care for the texture nor the taste.  (Bleck!)  But I do recognize that when they're processed a certain way, I do enjoy them.  Yes, once they're processed into spaghetti sauce I enjoy the end results as it sits on top of my pasta and on my pizza!  So tomatoes do have a purpose, and thus I could never use the word *hate* to describe my thoughts about them.  The *h* word is just too strong. 

The same is true for the various crochet stitches.  There are some stitches that are more difficult, or unpleasant to create, than others.  It just means that we prefer another stitch over the one that's being a little rascal!  Should we use the *h* word to describe it?  I don't think so.

In my Peace, Love, Flower Child mode here, I'd like to see the *h* word removed and replaced with *I prefer* -- with crochet appealing to younger and younger folks I  prefer that the misconception stating tomatoes are yuckie, er, parts of crochet are difficult is not passed on.  Each crocheter is unique and expressing an extreme negative feeling about one of the brothers or sisters of the various crochet stitches can only throw more shadow over crochet, perhaps scaring the dickens out of someone that may be interested in trying it.

When I sit at the table to eat you will not see me place catsup on my food.  No, I prefer mustard.  At one time the reverse single crochet gave me trouble and I could have been heard saying, "I prefer using a different edging."  Today, after practicing that rascal stitch I can be heard saying, "I prefer using the reverse single crochet as an edging."  It's a mindset really.

I say, people, that we should unite!  We should ask not what crochet can do for us, but what we can do for crochet!  For we have a dream to bring crochet out of it's step-child shadows ...

Ah, you get the picture.  Go ahead, declare your love for crochet, and practice those stitches that throw you for a loop.  You never know, one day that stitch that you once declared such an intense dislike for may become one of your favorites, or at least something to use to make your dinner/project more appealing!

Alright, I'm hopping off this soap box now and putting away my peace beads.  Until next time, Peace, Hook and Happiness!  May all stitches be loved and enjoyed!


Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

I enjoy your journal.  I have a question tho.  I don't understand how to do front and back post stitches.  Can you explain how to do them?

Thank You


Anonymous said...

yeah, hate is a strong word for most things.  there are certain stitches i avoid because they seem to aggrevate my tendonitous a little more than others.  i guess by rotating my wrists more or something.  I consider the others a challenge when it's a new or difficult stitch.  it's the counting that gets me all messed up.  I have one of those 'things' that helps keep track(think it is actually for knitting) but i've adapted it.  but i LOVE crochet.  I tend to make easy things, like scarves and simple throws when i'm overloaded or stressed because then the counting and stitch work isn't difficult at all.  it's relaxing.  thanks for your kind words.  so true.

Anonymous said...

Guilty as charged!

I've been making doilies with require lots of picots and sometimes popcorn stitches, and while I love, love the finished product, I find them tedious because I like to crochet fast, and both slow me down--especially the popcorn stitch, where you have the take the hook out of one part of the stitch, and place it in another.

I suppose hate is a bit too strong.

Anonymous said...

I will grumble and then I will do it anyway, get a new little crinkle in my brain - and most of the time, it's not so off-putting anymore. I may even grow fond of the stitch I disliked initially.  peace love and learning!