Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hookers Busy Season is Upon Us

How often is it that you swear you've seen mystical beings and wished folks believed you?  Fortunately for me, I was forewarned.  So when I heard noise in the yard yesterday I grabbed my camera just in case!  What you're seeing in the image is a white deer!  What I don't know is if it's another breed just hanging out, or if it's an albino.  It's just a babe that apparently has two normal-looking siblings and mom.  I thought it was just beautiful to watch!  (Click here to read a beautiful Indian story about magical white deers)

On the crochet front, I was in New York City yesterday for another Knit Out and Crochet Too event meeting.  (see image #2) As we worked on the event layout, contests, and such, we all worked on "starts." -- including my children!  These "starts" of crochet and knit will be handed out in the "Learn to Crochet/Knit" tent for those interested in learning.  I was tickled that my daughter and son helped out!  (I only have my son pictured since it doesn't show his full face)

One thing is for sure, he is smitten with Lily Chin (she's in picture #2) -- she recognized the kids from the 2004 Chain Link Conference and gave them a big hello.  My son, with all of a six-year-old's bravado, gave her a wink and a smile.  Hooboy.  Should I tell him she's married?  ;)

Tonight, members of the HHCC will be gathering for what we're calling a "Start Party."  We have 250 "starts" to crochet for the K0C2, and starter packets to put together for CraftAdventure event we'll be demonstrating at this Saturday.  What can I say?  This is our busy season!  I hope you can join us!

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