Monday, August 15, 2005

Catching Up...

I took the weekend off from blogging/journaling; did you miss me?

My journal may look a bit different -- I'm seeing that my "Other Journals" and "Favorite Sites" columns are empty.  Apparently something is going on in AOL-land and hopefully they'll restore it soon. 

So, what haven't I reported about in the past few days?  Apparently quite a bit!

First, I got to spend some time with Patti and her family.  Patti and I have been friends since forever, and she's the one that suggested long ago that I become a Crochet Teacher.  Yes folks, it's all her fault.  LOL  I love her to pieces!!  As I was saying, we got to spend some time together and there was quite a lot of excitement at her house -- they had baby chicks hatching!  Having never witnessed this it was a pretty cool thing to watch!  And of course we talked crochet; she crocheted the cutest cow doorstop! 

Second, my daughter slept over her house.  It was my daughter's first time away from home without any of us as company.  She had no problem with the separation, but me?  Oh, I was ready to lose it while grocery shopping.  It was my son that held me together, "Oh, come on Mom!  You'll see her tomorrow!  You're not gonna cry, are you?"  It was weird not having her home.  But I survived!  LOL

Third, I can now verify that crocheting can be seen in two movies:
     *  Liz Smith in the roll of Grandma Georgina in the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
     * A woman crochets while under a hair dryer in the 2004 movie, "Nora's Hair Salon"

Fourth, I finished my Hairpin Lace scarf and now have the American School of Needlework's book "Waffle Weave" on loan.  Once I've seen how the technique works, it will be number 101 on my Types & Techniques webpage. 

Fifth, I got to meet a member of the online group ConnecticutCrochet -- Karen drove "forever" to get to the monthly HHCC meeting and she is such a delight!  She brought with her various items she crocheted, and let me say here: Karen, I have no idea how you were able to leave the meeting without me mugging you for that beautiful top!   MMMM mmmm!  Beautiful work, Karen!  :)

Sixth, (see, I said there's been a lot going on!) I've been busy crocheting squares to use in this weeks' charity event.  I figure if I can crochet a bunch, it will give us a head start in creating those afghans for the battered women's shelter.  I hope if you're local/semi-local that you're able to join us on Thursday.  It should be a lot of fun!

Seventh, besides needing to finish my fall teaching schedule, I also need to prepare the items I'm submitting for judging.  They need to be turned in by the end of the week.  You can see my work, as well as others crocheters, at the upcoming Bridgewater Fair and at the CraftAdventure.  I love these types of events because there's always so much creativity to see!  It's like walking into a room filled with inspiration! 

If you have a local fair near you, consider entering one of your works.  It doesn't matter if you win a ribbon or not -- what matters is that your work may inspire someone else to pick up the hook for the first time.  And hey, should your work ribbon, well then that's icing on the cake!

And for fun today, I thought I'd share some wishful thinking ... if the state of Connecticut allowed more than six character/number combos I'd love a license plate that reads like one of these ...   what would yours say?

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