Friday, December 12, 2014

Making Something Out of Nothing

When my kids were younger, one of my favorite books to read to them was Simms Taback's story, "Joseph Had a Little Overcoat."  The story begins with Joseph having an overcoat; once it is worn out a bit, Joseph "upcycles" it into something new. He continues upcycling it until there is nothing left, or so it seems.

Although I have long given the book away to the kids former nursery school, this story has stayed with me as they have grown, leaving me to wonder, can I too make something from nothing?

Most of the smaller yarn bits came from chemo caps crocheted
earlier this year; the longer bits came from the 20 scarves I
crocheted for local donation.
Apparently I can!

This year I decided to save the majority of the yarn bits I snipped off my projects once I was done securely weaving in the ends, Any yarn scraps from 4 inches to 24" qualified for this endeavor. Some of the bits I tied together using the "Magic Knot" method, some I joined together using the "Russian" join method, while others were done in the more traditional fashion.

The result is the cap pictured on the right, which my family knows I affectionately call my "Scrap Cap." After nearly a year, it is almost complete!  I really love how colorful it is!  Once the cap is done I plan on donating it, which brings me back the story of Joseph. Can I make something out of nothing? Yes. And even when I no longer have the hat, I will still have the story of it. ;)

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