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Fond Memories of The 2003 CYCA CIP Class

Arnetta Kenney teaching the CYCA's CIP for Crochet
at FIT in NYC back in 2003.
Have you ever attended an event or a class that created memories that, even years later, still brings you smiles?  I have.  As I was looking through some of my old photos, I came across some I had taken during one of those magical times...

In 2003, Grace and I booked a hotel room in New York City for an extended weekend to attend the Craft Yarn Council'' CIP (Certified Instructors Program) for Crochet at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York City.  I look back and think of this as an amazing experience!

 The 3-day course started on a Friday evening, went for eight hours on Saturday, and then concluded early Sunday afternoon.  (Even with homework assigned, Grace and I still found time to go out to dinner and catch a movie!)  Our class was taught by the ever-wonderful (and singing!) Arnetta Kenney,  If I recall correctly, it was the first CYCA CIP Crochet Class ever held at FIT!  I asked Mary Colluci, the CYCA's Executive Director what she remembered about this  class: "I recall the wonderful enthusiasm and energy in the room. Of course, Arnetta can do that to a class."
Look who stopped by! Mary Colluci,
 the CYCA's Executive Director

I had decided to attend the class rather than take the Correspondence Program because I found the completion of the class work quicker since it included (and still does!) Levels I and II, and I liked that by taking the class at FIT I could also earn some Continuing Education Units. Mary adds, "There's a set curriculum for the onsite CIP class but so much more is exchanged because of the interaction between students, the questions they ask and the expertise they share. It's a wonderful experience."  She is so right!

  Maybe you'll recognize some of the students from that class?
A most fun class!  CYCA's First-ever CIP for Crochet class at FIT in 2003.

Grace, Arnetta, Barbara and me.
Where Are They Now? What happened to some of the students once the class concluded?  Melanie (standing next to me in the photo above) went on to found the Tallahassee Chapter of the CGOA, and reports she is currently looking into starting another Chapter in the Thomasville, GA, area.  If she looks a little familiar, that means you've been checking out photos of various CGOA ChainLink Conferences where she has modeled many beautiful creations!

Grace, standing behind me in the photo on the right, went on to become the Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club's President (we joke "for life," but then again, we were serious! lol) all while keeping up with her beautiful grand-daughters..

Barbara went on to help organize the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef project that went to the Smithsonian (and other museums!), was a Guest Speaker at the Museum of Arts and Design, and now works for the Craft Yarn Council as a Master Teacher for the Crochet Instructors Program! She also taught a Modular Crochet Workshop for The HHCC.  Did I mention (prior to the CIP class)  she also Founded the New York City Crochet Guild?  You can check out Barbara's website at

During the class "Show'N Tell" session, students such as Von
got to talk about the different crochet techniques we enjoy.
Von (pictured on the left wearing red), started teaching more, including being taped for a local cable show, self-published crochet patterns with Bead Biz, Twisted Sistah Fiber &Beads, Tess Designer Yarns, and Creative Yarn Source. Currently she is expecting her Crochet Maille to be published with Mainly Crochet. She has written a good number of articles for the CGOA's ChainLink Newsletter, and has volunteered many times for the (then) NYC Knit Out and Crochet Too events.  She even substituted for Arnetta once in her "Crochet For Pleasure" class.  Prior to attending the CIP class, Von founded the group Von’s Crochet Cyberspace, which at one time had over 500 members. Today you can find her at and
Hmmm, was on the blackboard... 

If you are interested in teaching and you would like to learn more about the Certification Instructors Program that the Craft Yarn Council offers for both crochet and knit, visit
I also liked (and still do!), that regardless if you take the 3-day class or the Correspondence Course, Crochet Guild of America members (and the Knitting Guild members too) are offered a little discount!

We had some free time in the class; I taught everyone how
to finger weave. Rosalie is helping another student with the
finger placement.
In the time since I've completed the CYCA CIP program and getting my Certificates for Levels I and II, I've gone on to teaching in several states, teaching at several of the CGOA ChainLink Conferences, having some patterns published, becoming a CGOA Professional Member and Mentor, blogging, writing articles for the ChainLink newsletter, and more!  So what is next? I'm thinking once things settle down here that it is time for me to sign up for Level III.

Note: If you attended this CYCA CIP for Crochet Class and would like to be added to the "Where are they now," please contact me. 

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