Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Wonderment of Miniature

rare black Boye WWII Crochet Hook, Silk sewing thread
I am venturing, for my first time - ever, down that famous bunny hole, entering into the world of Alice in Wonderland.  I am talking about where things are big, and things are small, and thinking of impossible things are indeed quite possible.
“Alice: This is impossible!
The Mad Hatter: Only if you believe it is.”
             ~ Lewis Carroll

I'm talking about Miniature Crochet.

I have crocheted with thread before, in crocheting doilies and Irish Crochet projects and such. But I have never, other than admiring other people's amazing work and purchasing the book on Miniature Crochet, ventured any deeper into the world of miniatures.

zooming in...doily pattern can be found in the book,
Doilies in Color
Still working on my comic newspaper doily for my CGOA's Chapter's "Hello Doily Challenge," I decided it would be fun to also have a tiny version of the same doily crocheted in sewing thread.  You know, as a comparison of big and small, paper and ____.  Paper and silk! I purchased a spool of silky sewing thread that changes color.  Once I was home, I grabbed one of my black World War II Bates crochet hooks (size 10/ 1.5mm) and set to crocheting my beginning chains required by the pattern.

Let me state that it was at that very moment I felt like Alice as she started tumbling down that rabbit hole!  I was lost.  I couldn't see my stitches, and the thread was so darn slippery!  Had I read this excellent blog post on Choosing Threads first, I think I would have chosen a different thread to start this journey with! 

I would also recommend getting something to magnify -- such as a good pair of glasses -- as well.  I located two pairs of glasses (2.0 and 1.5 magnifying glasses) and can now turn the impossible into the possible if I wear both glasses at the same time.  (The next time I venture out to the store I'll pick up a single pair of strong magnifying glasses that can do the job of both.  Unfortunately, the magnification is also pointing out that I am in need of a manicure -- add that to the list of recommendations.)

I am now several rows into this miniature world, and I must admit that I am enjoying this adventure.  :)


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Ditsy Mae said...

I found out about your blog on Ravelry and have really enjoyed reading your posts. I love antique things in general but especially things relating to my hobbies. Though I do not currently have any crochet hooks that are antique, I do have a set of tatting needles from the 1800s.

Moving on to the point of why I am commenting... I have never attempted anything miniature before. It sounds like so much fun! I do have a magnifying work lamp that would be perfect for this endeavor. Are there patterns specifically for miniatures or do you basically select a regular pattern and make it using thread instead? I would love to see pictures of some of your completed miniature work! Hope to hear from you soon. I am so glad I discovered your blog.

Christina J. Snellgrove