Sunday, May 5, 2013

Question From Reader: "Pre-made Crochet?"

Dee, I love your site! It is informative, detailed, easy to navigate and so creative with lots of fun things. My question is : Is there fabric that is already crocheted that can be bought and just sewed onto a dress? I hope this makes sense? I tried to google this and nothing comes up? I would love to purchase pre-made crochet fabric to attach to a skirt or dress?
Thanks, Jade

Hi Jade,
You have a great question: is there pre-made crochet available for purchase?
"Pre-made" vintage crochet trim

The answer is yes.

I have purchased both vintage and modern "pre-made" crochet pieces in the recent past, so my thinking on this is that there should be some available, although the search may need to be a bit more creative...

True crochet is created by human hands, not by machines. Therefore finding "large" pieces could require purchasing an entire project and possibly dismantling it (combing yard/garage sales, or goodwill stores is a good way to find some tablecloths you could utilize). Otherwise, crochet trims are sometimes found at craft stores (I found some at Michaels Arts & Crafts some 6+ years ago), and vintage pieces on auction sites like ebay. You may want to use words like "crochet lace trim" but be careful -- some of what is labeled as crochet is not TRUE crochet -- it merely mimics the look and IS machine made.

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