Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Pattern Release: Wizardly Scarf

First, let me say that without my support team here at home, this new crochet pattern would still be sitting in limbo.  It took a lot of arm twisting (and promises of iTunes gift cards) to get Dee Jr to model as Harry Potter for me (which I think he did a fantastic job of!), and it took Mr Dee to get my old software running again (bravo!).  Mini~Dee also had her hand in the project by lending me her magical wizard crochet hook/wand to be inspired with ... and her incredible vast knowledge of the entire Harry Potter book AND movie series!

The pattern retails for $2.99 and is available as a PDF download on Ravelry.  (I'll post an update if I decide to reopen the store on my website.)

Second, let me share a tip about adding iron-on patches to your crochet workuse a mini-iron!  If you ever blocked your crochet work with steam from your everyday-iron -- and you used acrylic blend yarn -- then you know first hand the acrylic melts! 

If you want to add an iron-on patch (or two, or three ... get the picture?) and you use a normal iron to press it on, it will damage the crochet work AROUND (and under) the patch.  By using a mini-iron you can control where the heat is applied, only damaging the stitches UNDER the patch rather than also around it.  This will make the project look much neater, less "home-made" and more "hand-made."

Mini-irons retail for about $30, but if you wait for a store coupon, such as from Joanns or AC Moore, you can sometimes get it for 30%, 40%, even 50% off.  It is well worth the investment!

Now that you know this handy little tip, what little touches will you be embelishing your crochet projects?  :)

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