Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Copyright Violation: Open Plea to CWD Readers & Fans

Dear Readers & CWD fans,

At the recent Conference in Greensboro, NC, it appears I was videotaped without consent during one of my classes. This video, as I understand it, was then offered to be "emailed" to various attendees. 

My open letter in this blog post is addressed to those attendees, and to those who may obtain this video in the future: please know it is in violation of copyright laws. [As well as downright unethical!!!]  I am asking you to help me safeguard my material by not accepting the video; deleting it immediately. I am also asking you to be my eyes on the Internet, and in the classrooms, where it may be shown in a public forum.

It took a great deal of time, energy, resources and creativity to create the crochet classes I offer -- to have someone to illegally videotape undermines the quality and integrity I strive for.  As we all are here for the love of crochet, your help in safeguarding not only my material, but also the content created by other crochet teachers we love and respect is very much appreciated.  If we want our crochet knowledge to grow, to ensure our crochet teachers are inspired to come up with fresh and exciting crochet classes, then we must do all that we can to honor copyright and integrity. 

Thank you for your understanding & your loyal support.



Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Thanks for sharing this Dee. Copyright violation is something that all of us teachers and/or designers deal with in one form or another. I find it startling when there are finally so many free resources available online that people continue to do this.

Sandie said...

Well put! Having been a victim of copyright infringement I completely understand.

robynlicious said...

I find this mighty deheartening. I hope you're able to get to the bottom of it.