Monday, April 20, 2009


I spent the majority of today doing two things, well three actually. The first is babysitting, or rather ANT sitting. My children received ant farms as part of their Easter treats (rather than candy) and one ant farm has been quite active. It has been quite fascinating to watch them work so hard while I sip delicious coffee and play on my computer. Being human has it's perks!

The second task, and most time consuming, has been the reviving/rebuilding of the HHCC website. Initially it was thought that the HHCC would just have a blog, but that has proven to be cumbersome in trying to locate key information, and so a new website is needed. I must say that I am quite excited with how it is coming out and now await the boards' approval before going further with it.

The third task is more along the lines of daydreaming. You see, yesterday my CGOA Chapter had a closed meeting, offering a special workshop just for it's members. It was a sock workshop taught by guest teacher Kim Kotary based upon her new book, You Can Crochet Socks.

We had a fantastic time, and I was almost able to complete one sock (if only I hadn't run out of yarn!) ... and thus my daydreaming today of either crocheting another incomplete sock to match, ripping it all out and starting anew, or just keeping the one sock and using it as a swiffer for those days I feel like dancing around the kitchen. Ah, yes, and then there are also thoughts of (cover your eyes Mom! You don't want to read this part) crocheting a pair of socks to wear with sandals ... a fashion MUST based upon last year's fashion reports... a Connecticut staple/tradition, or so I hear ... perhaps worn with a pair of these, size 6 please.

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Maria said...

Hey Dee, your completed red and yellow sock was so cute! Finished mine off last night... I couldn't wait :)

Hope you have a great week!