Saturday, March 27, 2004


Yesterday I taught a crochet felting class at a local craft store called the Craft Basket.  Debby, the lady that does all the ordering there has been working hard to increase the amount of yarns -- and types -- that they offer, which has been flying off the shelves!

So it was just heaven to see all the new Berroco yarns they just got in.  I ended up "adopting" two balls ... one of an eyelash (purple) and one of a thick & thin type (greens & purples) to make myself a spring scarf out of.  Of course you know there's trouble on the horizon when it takes you a good 20 minutes to decide -- usually this type of indecision means I come home with more than I intended.  (LOL)  I ended up closing my eyes and walking briskly out of the aisle lest I "adopt" more yarn!   (as for the specific names of the yarns, I'll have to get the labels out of my van as that's where I started working on the scarf while waiting for my kids to get out of school yesterday)

The reason I say "trouble on the horizon" is because I have a rather extensive yarn stash, and recently it was no problem to help designer Margaret Hubert ( locate the red Glitter Spun she needed to complete "the most spectacular jacket using 5 different Berroco yarns."  [I can't wait to see it!]

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