Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where does time go?

My children started their new school year this past week.  One day, while they were at school, I found myself flipping through some old family pictures when I came across this one ... it's Mini~Dee, at age five, practicing her crochet.  She was wearing her jammies, looking for a good excuse to stay up just a little bit longer.  And what better excuse is there other than to exclaim having "one more stitch syndrome" while looking for the praise of a parent who shares that same addiction?  (Yes, she got to stay up a bit later that night! LOL)  That was the year she started kindergarten and I got called in to see her teacher.

"Mrs. Stanziano," her teacher had said, "we have a problem.  Your daughter does not want to conform to holding her pencil the correct way.  I called you in to seek your help."

She was interrupted by an unexpected visitor to the classroom.  Seeing it would take a few moments until her return I went into my project bag and pulled out my crochet, starting to make some stitches in a mitten I was working on at the time.

The teacher returned and observed me crocheting.  "Perhaps that is the problem, Mrs. Stanziano.  Does your daughter crochet too?"

"Yes," I replied. 

"That explains it then!" she exclaimed clapping her hands once for emphasis.  "She's holding her pencil as if it were a crochet hook!"

That teacher never questioned my Mini~Dee's pencil hold again, and today as a middle schooler, her penmanship is just fine.

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haleyzim2 said...

It is crazy how fast they grow!!  Mini~Dee wasn't much older than this photo when I first met you and my Princess was born.  Now Princess will be 5 in January!!!  But hey, what's a few year between friends :) !  Hope you (and any readers who would like to) can make it to our next meeting in Stamford, CT - I think it will be September 15th.