Sunday, August 3, 2008

After Hours ~ OR ~ Lizards on the Ceiling

Let's discuss the "Night Life," or what is becoming known as the "After Hours" at the Conference: it is true that every night while at the Conference, we had guests in our room to enjoy a glass of Jones Family Farms' wine called "First Blush."  (The wine had a nice light fruity taste having been made from a blend of Connecticut apples, pears, and black currants.  Long-time blog readers will recognize the name of Jones as I have blogged about them several times in the past.)  We held these little "after hour gatherings" last year and they were a fun way to unwind with friends while discussing the experiences of the day.  So we decided to do it again this year, and with a slightly larger room, we were able to have more friends pop in. 

Let me state that everyone (that I know of) drank responsibly.  Mr. Dee was the designated "walker/parent" sticking to just drinking water.  Let me also state that with our children in the room, everyone that joined us was well behaved.

There were many funny moments, such as Margaret doing a little dance for us after the Fashion Show (and step and turn, and step and turn); Vashti showing off her jelly yarn, glow in the dark, panties; and Joyce Wyatt (who was only drinking water!) finally admitting she was seeing lizards on the ceiling. (Seriously, she did. I included a photo as proof!) She wasn't sure what to make of those lizards, and she, telling us about being brought up proper, wasn't sure how to approach the subject. Does she say something, or does she keep quiet? It wasn't until I asked the kids to stop throwing their toy jelly lizards (which stick to almost everything!) on the ceiling did Joyce express a huge sigh of relief! Very funny moment indeed!)

We were able to do this because for us the Conference was within driving distance.  This made bringing the case of wine and the wine glasses fairly easy.  We were also able to bring extra chairs! 

I know I said yesterday that today would be the "wrap up" blog entry, but that's not true.  I still have thefinal day, Sunday, to discuss.  :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite and so sorry I missed the Lizards on the Ceiling! But SOMEONE had to watch HIM !!
Anne :)

Anonymous said...

You crazy gals!  LOL about the lizards!